ARCHIVE du patrimoine immatériel de NAVARRE

Titre Annéesort ascending Les auteurs Magazine
Between Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: the Troubled Relationships between Heritage Studies and Heritage Law Submitted Lixinski, L. International Journal of Heritage Studies
A Mixed-Methods Study of Cultural Heritage Learning through Playing a Serious Game Submitted Kara, Nuri International Journal Of Human-Computer Interaction
Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Japan: Systems, Schemes and Activities Submitted Satoru, Hyoki
Advancing representation in ethnographic archives: examples from the American Folklife Center Submitted Stefano, Michelle L., Fenn, John International Journal Of Heritage Studies
Robert-Lionel Séguin : un collectionneur visionnaire Submitted Sicard, Lucy
Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage: Prospects and Challenges Submitted Hayajneh, Hani
Musées et patrimoine immatériel au Québec : enjeux politiques et sociaux Submitted Turgeon, Laurier Legitimaciones Sociales de las Políticas Patrimoniales y Museísticas
Comparative Analysis of Exercise Intensity in Taekkyeon Training Movements Submitted Jin, Su-geon, So, Wi-Young, Seo, Dong-il Journal of Mens Health
Ihe Nketa and Oke: concepts and practice of indigenous cultural heritage management in the Igbo cultural area of south-eastern Nigeria Submitted Onyemechalu, Stanley Jachike, Ugwuanyi, J. Kelechi Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development
Comment le tourisme a figé le folklore suisse Submitted Budry Carbo, Adria Hémisphères