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  • -   Qin, Junping
    -   Zhen, Huixia
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    Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences
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The strategy of `rural revitalisation' is put forward to better realise the integrated development of rural economy, society, culture and ecology. A well-off society should be an all-round developed society. Intangible cultural protection is an important foundation for rural revitalisation. Intangible culture is not only the regional cultural heritage, but also the foundation of regional economic development. Fully integrating culture with rural industries is conducive to the all-round development of rural society. The protection of intangible cultural heritage should be based on scientific methods. Scientific means must be used to investigate and calculate the quantity and types of intangible culture in the region, so as to formulate scientific protection strategies. At the same time, the protection of intangible cultural heritage should be organically combined with rural revitalisation, and the intangible cultural heritage resources should be utilised to innovate the regional economic development model, so as to form a benign interaction between economic development and cultural protection, that is, to realise a real sustainable development model.