ARCHIVO del patrimonio inmaterial de NAVARRA

Título Añoorden ascendente Autores Revista
A collection of objects related to wine-growing in Georgia for the Musée des Civilisations de I'Europe et de la Méditerranee (Mucem) 2018 Revue des Musees de France
Digital protection and inheritance of traditional craft art under new media context - Taking intangible cultural heritage project xiamen pearl embroidery for example 2018 11th Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium, TBIS 2018
Foundations for a new interpretation of the patios in Cordoba: Interior landscape, emotions and memory 2018 Sociedade e Cultura
Research on application of interactive forestry science popularisation based on enhanced experience 2018 International Journal of Services Operations and Informatics
Preservation and presentation of intangible cultural heritage of a town (Based on the example of Banská Bystrica) 2018 Muzeologia a Kulturne Dedicstvo
Cultural heritage and its potential in the context of sustainable development (blueprint as a cultural identification element on the representative list of intangible cultural heritage) 2018 Muzeologia a Kulturne Dedicstvo
Mongolian cultural heritage in UNESCO lists: Aesthetics of steppe mobility 2018 Ural'skij Istoriceskij Vestnik
Exploration of dialectal Slovene: The existing and?necessary 2018 Slavia Centralis
Trance mediumship takes the stage: Reenactment and heritagization of the sacred in urban hà nȜȇ 2018 Asian Ethnology
Recognizing food as part of Ireland's intangible cultural heritage 2018 Mac Con Iomaire, Máirtín Folk Life Journal of Ethnological Studies