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  • -   Linda A N D Noble Guy A N D Lanceley Anne A N D Menon Usha A N D Chatterjee Helen Ander Erica
    -   Thomson
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    International Journal of Heritage Studies
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Awareness-raising (ICH_1356); Health (THE_9); SDG 3: Good Health And Well-being (ICH_1381); United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (GB);
Do museums and other heritage organisations have something to offer the healthcare sector? Do they have a role in improving health and wellbeing? Increasingly both heritage and healthcare organisations think they do. A broader definition of health including wellbeing and an emphasis on preventative medicine and multi-agency approaches to care within the UK’s National Health Service, has facilitated the work of museums and galleries in this area. However, there are still few specific heritage programmes in healthcare organisations and very little evaluation of these. Here we present key findings from a qualitative evaluation of a heritage focused intervention carried out in a range of health care settings. The aim of the research project was to assess the impact on well- being of taking museum objects into hospitals and healthcare contexts.