ARCHIVO del patrimonio inmaterial de NAVARRA

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  • -   Fernández Juárez, G.
  • Revista:
    Revista de Antropologia Social
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    1131558X (ISSN)
Aymara; Intangible Cultural Heritage; Pachjiri; Revalorization; Yatiri;
This article analyzes the unwanted consequences of the potential ‘revalorization’ and touristic exploitation of a hill in the Bolivian Titicaca highlands which is endowed with sacred significance. For local Aymara communities, Pachjiri hill is a full-scale sanctuary whose ceremonial altars have a role not only in the formation of yatiris (ritual specialists), but also in healing, plant growing, and cattle breeding. As argued in the article, proposals to implement uncontrolled tourist access will bring destruction to this intangible cultural heritage, which has so much relevance and prestige for neighbouring Aymara communities. The question that the article tries to answer is: till what extent should the commercial promotion of intangible cultural heritage (advocated by unesco) be put before this heritage’s preservation?.