ARCHIVO del patrimonio inmaterial de NAVARRA

Títuloorden descendente Año Autores Revista
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"Heritage-for-Peace and Development": An Opportunity Not to be Missed 2021 ETNOANTROPOLOSKI PROBLEMI-ISSUES IN ETHNOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY
“I feel it is my responsibility to stream” Streaming and Engaging with Intangible Cultural Heritage through Livestreaming 2019 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI 2019
"Intangible cultural heritage" between ambiguities and overdose 2014 Homme (France)
"Intangible" Cultural Resources: Values are in the Mind 2011 A Companion to Cultural Resource Management
"Is Irish Stew the only kind of stew we can afford to make, mother?" The history of a recipe 2021 FOLK LIFE-JOURNAL OF ETHNOLOGICAL STUDIES
“Is Irish Stew the only kind of stew we can afford to make, mother?” The history of a recipe 2021 Folk Life
“Lawmaker Wants Cockfighting [to be] Part of Heritage”: A Critical Analysis of the 2003 Convention and the Struggle of Animal Rights Groups 2017 Santander Art and Culture Law Review
"milonga wich erases frontiers". Policies of inheritance: An analysis into Tango and its declaration as cultural and intangible inheritance of humankind 2011 Intersecciones en Antropologia