ARCHIVO del patrimonio inmaterial de NAVARRA

Título Añoorden ascendente Autores Revista
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L’administration du patrimoine culturel immatériel en Europe Submitted Cfpci
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Intangible Cultural Heritage: 'Curating' the Human Submitted CULTURE MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY
Four typologies for understanding local information Submitted GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE MEMORY AND COMMUNICATION
Eléments pour une théorie du patrimoine culturel immatériel Submitted Skounti, Ahmed De l'immatérialité du patrimoine culturel
Initiation and Asceticism in India: Insight into the Viewpoint of Renouncers Submitted JOURNAL OF ANTHROPOLOGICAL RESEARCH
From Cultural Forms to Policy Objects: Comparison in Scholarship and Policy Submitted Noyes, Dorothy Journal of Folklore Research
The Construction of an Historical Boat in South Sulawesi (Indonesia): The Padewakang Submitted JOURNAL OF MARITIME ARCHAEOLOGY