ARCHIVO del patrimonio inmaterial de NAVARRA

Título Añoorden ascendente Autores Revista
Inventario del patrimonio cultural inmaterial de las provincias de Carchi, Imbabura, Pichincha, Cotopaxi, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchila, Napo, Orellana y Sucumbios (inédito) Submitted Trujillo León, Jorge
Inventorier le patrimoine immatériel, l’exemple de l’IREPI au Québec Submitted Turgeon, Laurier, Forget, Célia De l’immatérialité du patrimoine culturel
Consumer purchase intention of intangible cultural heritage products (ICHP): effects of cultural identity, consumer knowledge and manufacture type Submitted Zhang, Mengxia, Guo, Xixuan, Guo, Xiaoling, Jolibert, Alain Asia Pacific Journal Of Marketing And Logistics
The Intangible Heritage as Cultural Tourism Product: Attractiveness and (Re) Construction of the Territories - The Case of Cante Alentejano Submitted Mendonça, José, Lopes, Eunice Publicações CICS
The MUMA-Project–An Integrated Approach to Heritage Management Submitted Albert, Marie-theres Training Strategies for World Heritage Management
Luoghi e oggetti della memoria. Valorizzare il patrimonio culturale. Studio Submitted Mariotti, Luciana
Dragon boat culture in Chebei: a case study of narratives of cultural memory in short videos Submitted Chen, X, Xian, YY International Communication of Chinese Culture
Normas generales para la Gestión, Protección y Salvaguardia del Patrimonio Cultural en Colombia Submitted Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia
San Mauro Torinese : conservazione e valorizzazione della Contrada del Rio. Archivio webthesis Submitted Ragno, Andrea
Objectifs et méthodes d’inventaire du patrimoine culturel immatériel au Maroc Submitted Miri, Rahma De l’immatérialité du patrimoine culturel