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  • -   Sparling, Heather
    -   MacIntyre, Peter
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    Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development
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Gaelic is an endangered language, but the traditional music associated with it thrives. Among individuals committed to learning Gaelic as a heritage language who also engage in traditional music-making, intense experiences shape the connection between language and music. The present study examines the connection between intensely motivating 'flow' experiences in music and language using qualitative data. In this context, flow is defined both at the individual level, consistent with much of the literature, but also at the group level which contributes a more nuanced, group-oriented conceptualisation of flow experiences. Data come from a sample of 54 participants recruited via social media and associated with traditional music and Gaelic language. The results show the depth of connection to traditional music developed over years that appears to feed into a motivation for language learning. The concept of group flow is prevalent in the descriptions, even though it was not measured directly. Group flow offers a nuanced lens through which to view how the connection between music and language developed in a context where language revitalisation is taking place.