ARCHIVE of the immaterial heritage of NAVARRE

Broadcasting and management

Broadcasting and management of the CIH are functions related to the local development and the sustainability both natural and cultural. This sustainable development ought to be moderator between the past and the future; and encourage the safeguarding of the Cultural Immaterial Heritage manifestations giving advantage to the critique appropriation for the citizens and without interfering negatively with his continuation or with his evolution. The participation of bearers and users is essential in all those processes, as well as the fluid dialogue with the administrations and the managers.

​The management of the CIH and the tourism

The management of the CIH has to be understood as the mediation: intervene in the processes of “construction” of the cultural heritage. It should be directed towards the encouragement of the transmission having concern for the knowledge, understanding, assessment, care, enjoyment and the transmission of the CIH.

Managing the CIH requires, first of all, articulating safeguarding guidelines which try to face the sum of dangers or risks of this so vulnerable heritage. Although the difficulties in this management are not little, the first step is to know and apply the respective legislation. A recent legislation which has influence in the territorial planning and in the strategic culture plans, and which can be consulting in this section of our project.Secondly, that management requires the association of the CIH and the local development in social terms (social cohesion, minorities management …) and also in economic or touristic terms. In this regard, several technological applications have been developed to generate cultural and interactive routes. And it has been prepared a section to gather the visitors’ and tourists’ experiences of those routes.


Broadcasting of the CIH of Navarre and Lower Navarre

The broadcasting is another essential function. It is not only based on the propagation or extension; it is not only communicating information, but stimulating, making reflection, causing emotions and understanding the society. It is to put the ways and the instruments so that the cultural heritage is valued, respected and enjoyed. This suggests that it should be evaluated and reaches an agreement to avoid interferences.

Events and new parties related to the CIH

In the last years, the meetings and intergenerational workshops, cultural exchanges between collectives, multicultural meetings, the heritage day, agri day, the land day and a large etcetera. All this new transmission experiences will have their place in this page in his broadcasting place as in an experience bank in the management of the Cultural Immaterial Heritage.