ARCHIVE of the immaterial heritage of NAVARRE

Multidisciplinary research

The research of the CIH is necessarily a collective, shared and multidisciplinary labor. Administration challenges as the identification, inventory and documentation of the CIH manifestation, they can just be the work out of the researchers net, that can count on this technological platform for his joint work. This requires previously the conservation and dissemination of the documentation taking into account the fragility of the conservation supports: films, photographs, magneto-phonic recordings… which are being damaged with the passing of time if they are not subdued to the digitalisation for preservation. These researchers’ nets will overcome a more multidisciplinary restudying and rereading of the existing documentation.

The search of the added values, the result of the scientific and technologic advances, must motivate projects and studies with scientific rigour. And all this labour requires the convenient scientific spreading.

Technologic development: database and technological applications

The archive is an interactive platform which allows the work in nets and the increment of the funds by a community of the scientifically supervised users and with presence in the main social nets.

Building up a documentation centre like this has required the design of a new and innovative multilingual database which allows the indexing, classification, critical edition and analysis of the sources and gathered testimonies. To facilitate this works, one of the most imperious needs for the access and scientific use of the Archive funds is no doubts, the implementation of an advanced semantic searcher, as well as the incorporation of the datum managers for the labelling of sources, and the realisation of the thesaurus, and the bibliographic managers. Finally, the georeferentiality will allow making relations between the funds and the cultural landscapes to whom they are related, so that they will have the opportunity to be studied in detail and deeper. All these advances have been developed using free software.



Funds research

With all the corpus of the testimonies and manifestations already prepared, the researchers’ nets will be trying out the multidisciplinary analysis of the funds.

It will also become a communicational system of the researchers’ net, throughout the electronic bulletin of the web, where there will be announced the most relevant news.

Methodological and technological applications in the study of the minorities cultures

To study the CIH of Navarre and Lower Navarre might not make us forget about our caring side with other cultures. The methodology and the technology of the Archive are transparent and can be searched with no limitations. With this decision we are trying to promote similar labours in other cultures, specially in the minorities and vulnerable ones.